Iron & Lace 2025 Wall Calendar   

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Iron & Lace 2025 Calendar
Iron & Lace 2025 Calendar


Iron & Lace 2025 Calendar 

The 2025 Iron & Lace Calendar from features custom motorcycles from top builders Max Hushahn / Thunder Road, Russ Patrone, John Steed. Curtis Motorcycles, Harold Ponterelli, Gerg Balian, Jesse Rooke, Todd Silicato, Roland Sands, Performance Machine and Richard Pollock. The beautiful Calendar Kittens with the bikes are actress Jamie Pressly, Playmates Monica Sims and Tamara Witmer, and models Stefanie McDonald, Alena Pyshnaya, Tiffany Gramza, Cheri Wimberly and Jennifer Powell.

This is a high quality 2025 Wall Calendar with 16-months starting with September 2024. Full Color 15x15 large format design printed on quality art board, wire spiral bound with a hang hook and and plastic envelope sealed.

More about these types of calendars

Purchasing a calendar featuring beautiful women models on motorcycles offers a range of benefits. These calendars combine the allure of stunning models with the power and excitement of motorcycles, resulting in visually captivating and artistically composed imagery. They celebrate a fusion of beauty and machinery, appealing to enthusiasts of both aesthetics and motorcycling. The images can evoke a sense of adventure and freedom, inspiring viewers to explore the open road.

As decorative elements, these calendars add a dynamic and edgy touch to living spaces, studios, or garages. They can make unique and thoughtful gifts, catering to the interests of motorcycle enthusiasts and those appreciating artful photography.

Moreover, by supporting the creation of these calendars, purchasers contribute to the livelihoods of photographers, models, and designers. The calendar's content also encourages cultural exploration, showcasing the intersection of individuality, fashion, and machine aesthetics. It's vital to ensure ethical considerations are upheld in the representation of the models, respecting their dignity and consent.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a calendar with beautiful women models on motorcycles should align with personal tastes, values, and the potential to inspire appreciation for both beauty and motorcycling.